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Transient Home- Another reason to thank the Lord

Transient Home

Transient Home

I was so touched when I first saw this kind of establishment. A simple two-story building painted orange and white. I got curious so I decided to enter the building. The security guard smiled at me so I guessed he really wanted me to realize that the “house” is for everybody. I already had an idea that inside would be numerous double-deck beds. I have watched it on TV.

As I walked through, a memory came to my mind – when I was a bed-spacer in college seven years ago. I can’t remember exactly if it was P2,000 a month but I really needed to pay every month for me to enjoy the rent of the bed. But this transient home is very much different because (it’s not a bed-space in the first place) it is free, has no payment, gratis; how else?

I heard also that it offers free meal, clothing, medical assistance, AGAIN – ALL FOR FREE! I am still about to learn more about the good things of that transient.

But I believe the most moving part of all was when I saw a picture that has a Bible verse on it. I read it whole-heartedly and my soul felt an indescribable feeling.

Deuteronomy 15:11- For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.

I felt tears in my eyes and gladness in my heart realizing that God has commanded somebody to open his hand wide to the needy. I turned my attention to another picture and I saw a portrait of a man in his eyeglasses. I recognized him- Bro. Eli Soriano. I was very sure that he was commanded by God in that verse. If he’s not been, why was he doing all these kindness and efforts? Well, only God knows the intention of a man’s heart and us to feel it. But others don’t and can’t even appreciate goodness in life, they get insecured instead.

I wonder why some people hate Bro. Eli. What evil did he do to them? There is none, is there? Is it this transient home project which they are angry for? If not, then which one? For whatever their reason, I don’t have any interest to know. What I am up into is the good perspective in life. Let them live with the monster in their hearts. Just wishing someday the monster leaves and they realize. (Sigh)

After such experience, I immediately wanted to thank the Lord. The reason: I felt God’s love to the poor and needy people by using Bro. Eli Soriano thru that Transient Home amidst all the ups and downs in life.

Je remercie le Seigneur parce qu’il utilise frère Eli et frère Daniel en montrant sa gentillesse au pauvre gens avec la construction de la nouvelle MAISON PASSAGÈRE. Amen.